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If you enjoy playing card games such as Blackjack and you are looking to have an online Blackjack playing session on which instead of the maximum payout per hand being the payout of 3 to 2 for a winning Blackjack hand, that of course being a hand which contains both an Ace and a Ten card, you want a much larger jackpot payout instead, then it will be the progressive Blackjack games you will be looking to play.

Now there are not that many online casino game designers or gaming platform suppliers who have launched progressive Blackjack games so you are only going to be limited to a couple of progressive Blackjack game variants, however as both Playtech and Microgaming have such a game on offer then you are in fact going to have access to some very fair progressive Blackjack games which boast liberal rules and of course a huge jackpot will be on offer on these two games!

Below is an overview of what both Microgaming’s and Playtech’s progressive Blackjack game variants have on offer, please do read through this guide for by doing so you will discover just how the every rising progressive jackpot is won on both of these two Blackjack games along with other interesting facts, figures and payouts that you can be awarded when playing either variant!

Microgaming’s Triple 7’s Blackjack Game

You will find a progressive Blackjack game that goes by the name of the Triple 7’s Blackjack game at many Microgaming software powered casino sites, and this game will give you the option of placing a special bonus bet alongside the base game bet you have placed to set the game into play.


When you have placed this bonus bet wager which by the way is only going to cost you 1.00, then a range of special bonus payouts can and will be paid out to you, and one of those bonus payouts is a huge and ever rising progressive jackpot the current value of the progressive jackpot is always clearly shown on the jackpot meter located right at the top of the Triple 7’s Blackjack games screen.

In fact alongside that jackpot meter you will find all of the hand combinations and cards that need to be dealt out to you as your initial cards for you to pick up and be paid out the associated winning payout.

The bonus payouts all revolve around the 7 cards of which there are many in the deck, should you get dealt out, after placing that 1.00 bonus bet wager, a hand on which the first three cards are all 7 cards and in the suit of Diamonds then that is the key to you winning the progressive jackpot ass displayed at the top of the screen. The lowest bonus bet payout you can win is 5.00 and that is paid when you very first initial card dealt out to your hand is a 7 of any suit.

Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack Game

Playtech have a progressive Blackjack game on offer and as such if you want to take your chances and hope that you will bag a life changing jackpot win when playing this popular card game then do consider giving this game a good going over when you see it offered at the online casino at which you are playing at.

The way in which the progressive jackpot is going to be awarded to you is via a set of bonus payouts which will be awarded to you whenever you get dealt out a certain winning hand combination, below we have listed all of the bonus winning payouts that you can be paid out when playing this progressive Blackjack game at a Playtech software powered online casino site.

If you are dealt out as your very first two cards any two Aces then you will receive a bonus payout of some 25.00, however if those two Aces share the same suit then that winning bonus payout is increased to 100.00.

Should you get dealt three cards when playing Playtech’s progressive jackpot Blackjack game which are all Aces of any suite then a bonus payout of some 250.00 will be coming your way, should those three Aces all be in the same suit that winning payout is increased to a much larger 2500.00.

If your first four initial cards when playing this Blackjack game variant are all Aces of any suit you will receive a bonus payout worth some 1500.00. To win the progressive jackpot when playing Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack game you need to have been dealt out two Aces as your first two cards which are of the same suit, and after splitting them, which is the correct playing move by the way, if you get dealt to each of those two matching Aces another two Aces of the very same suit then the progressive jackpot will be yours!

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