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There are a total of three different online Video Poker games all of which boast a progressive jackpot that are worth playing online, the two software providers who have these excellent paying video Poker games on offer are both Playtech and Microgaming, and there are of course some subtle differences in regards to how each of these two progressive jackpot paying Video Poker games play and play.

To help you get a much better understanding of the unique structures of these three Video Poker games which could, if you place the correct sized wager and then get dealt out a certain hand combination, award you wish a huge jackpot payout, we have listed below a complete overview of each of these games.

Please do familiarize yourself fully with the information and facts and figures that we are going to showcase and explain to you, for when playing any of these three games you do need a full understanding of the way they work and operate to have any chance what so ever of actually winning the progressive jackpots they all have attached to them!

Microgaming’s Jackpot Deuces Game

Current Jackpot Amount:
The first Video Poker game variant we would like to introduce you to which has a progressive jackpot on offer is Microgaming Jackpot Deuces game, this game has fixed coin values which means you need to play from one to five coins which have been set at 1.00 to be able to play it.

However, by putting into play five coins then if you get dealt out the Royal Flush hand in the suit of Diamonds you will instantly win the progressive jackpot. This game is in fact based around the game of Deuces Wild and as such all of the two cards in play on this game are wild and will stand in for other cards and can and will help you form lots of additional winning hand combinations when you play this game online.

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Playtech’s Mega Jacks Game

You really should enjoy playing the Mega Jacks progressive jackpot awarding Video Poker game from Playtech if you enjoy playing the classic game of Jacks or Better, for this is what this game is completely based around.

However, when you take a look at the pay table that is attached to this Mega Jacks game you will notice there is instead of being a 4000 coin jackpot attached to the Royal Flush hand when you play and activate 5 coins per hand there is a progressive jackpot attached to those winning hand combinations.

So the best way to play Playtech’s Mega Jacks Video Poker game is to simply activate and always put into play 5 coins per hand and then play the game with the aim being to get dealt out any one of the four Royal Flush hands for when you do the current progressive jackpot the value of which is constantly scrolling along the top of the games screen will be yours!

Failure to play all five coins per hand however will result in your only being awarded a fixed number of coins and as such you will never want to win one of those and may be a tad angry with yourself if you do not play all 5 coins and then get dealt out one of the four Royal Flush hands!

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Microgaming’s Supa Jax Game

Current Jackpot Amount:
The Supa Jax game which you will find on offer at every single Microgaming software powered casino is a slightly different game to their standard Video Poker games and as such you need to be fully aware that when playing this game you can only play it with one coin value in play, the coin values on this Supa Jax game are fixed at 1.00.

The pay table attached to this particular Video Poker game is quite similar to the standard Jacks or Better Video Poker game variant, however there is one major difference and that is there is one additional playing card in the deck and that card is one with the Supa Jax written across it.

This one card is only going to award one payout listed on the pay table and that is when it is dealt out alongside the four Jack cards, and when that winning hand combination is dealt out and a player has put into play 5 coins on that hand then the current progressive jackpot displayed at the top of the screen is awarded.

Getting dealt any four Jacks and the Supa Jax card with anything less than five coins in play will only award the four of a kind winning payouts listed on the pay table and not the progressive jackpot so do be aware of that and as such always playing maximum 5 coins per hand you play on this game so as to never miss out on the progressive jackpot.

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