Progressive vs Fixed Jackpots

We have several slot game articles dotted around our website, so once you have read through this article explaining the differences between progressive and fixed jackpots that are found attached to many online casino games do have a look around our website for you will find the answers to a lot of other jackpot game playing questions you may have!

Let us start by explaining the finer points of progressive jackpot paying games. If you are fairly new to casino game playing and have been dazzled by the amounts of cash that can be won when playing some casino games, and those jackpots keep on growing in value, then those games are progressive games.

A progressive jackpot paying game whether it is a slot game a card or table game a video poker game or in fact any type of game has a jackpot that is fed from a small amount of the stakes wagered on that respective game by other players.

You will find some progressive jackpots will be linked up to other identical games offered by one software provider and some progressive games are only linked in to games available at just one casino site, however every time any player plays that game a small amount of their wagered amount is fed directly into the jackpot pool.

It is worth noting that every single progressive jackpot game will be designed in such a way that there is usually only one way that a player can win the progressive jackpot, and it is very important that when playing such games you fully familiarize yourself with how the jackpots are won.

For example if you are playing a three reel type of slot game then some of these types of progressive slots which have just one payline will require players to play the maximum number of coins to win the progressive jackpot, should they fail to play maximum coins and the jackpot paying winning combination lines up on the pay line then instead of winning the progressive jackpot they win a small set number of coins instead!

You will find some other slot games including classic three reel slots and multi line video slots will require players to play all of the paylines found on that slot game into play before they have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot, the usual way that the progressive jackpot will be won when playing these types o slots is by having the jackpot paying winning combination lining up on the highest number payline, should a player spin in the jackpot combination on any other payline then a small set jackpot is paid out instead!

There are of course some video poker games which offer a progressive jackpot and when you play these types of games the way in which you could win the progressive jackpot will require you to do certain things when playing them, first of all you need to have placed a maximum bet wager on that game and then get dealt out, as your final hand, the jackpot paying hand combination as listed on the pay table of that game.

Should a player not put into play the maximum number of coins per hand then they will not be awarded the progressive jackpot when the highest listed hand combination is dealt out to them as listed on that games pay table.

Non Progressive Paying Games

You will find thousands of online casino games that do not offer a progressive jackpot and instead of a progressive jackpot these types of games award something known as a fixed coin jackpot, and when playing these types of game you will find the jackpot you are playing for fully listed on the pay table of that respective game.

It is however worth noting that when you are playing slot fixed coin jackpot games such as slot games you can actually win more than the maximum base game jackpot listed on the pay table and to do this you need to put into play more than one coin per spin.

Some slots may have for example a 5000 coin jackpot listed on their pay table, however that is paid for a one coin per line wager, and as such if for example you play that slot with 5 coins in play and activated on each payline and then you spin in the jackpot paying combination the jackpot is boosted by five times that amount so in effect you will therefore win yourself 25,000 coins for your five coin per line wager!

Always read through the pay tables attached to any casino game as by doing so you will soon discover just how much you can win on each game you play. If you fail to read the pay table you may put into play the incorrect amount of coins to win the highest jackpot offered on that game!