Incredible Hulk Slot

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  • Biggest Ever Win $1,527,228
  • Average Ever Win $528,880
  • Smallest Ever Win $111,372

Casinos on the Playtech software gaming platform have several of what are known as Marvel Jackpot slot games on offer, these are a range of slot games which all boast characters from the Marvel Comic Books on which a series of randomly awarded progressive jackpots can be won.

What makes each of these games unique is that they all offer their own unique set of bonus games features, and if you opt to play the Incredible Hulk slot then you are going to find two unique bonus game rounds can be triggered when playing the base game, and on any spin you make, for any stake amount you could win one of four different sized progressive jackpots completely at random.


How to Win the Jackpot

One thing that you can always expect when you are playing the Incredible Hulk slot game is the unexpected! Now this slot offers two different sets of jackpot payouts, the first is the standard base game jackpot and when playing this slot if you line up five of the Radiation symbols on any activated payline then the base game jackpot of 4000 coins will be awarded to you.

However, as this slot game is a Marvel Jackpot slot then at the end of any paid for spin on the reels you make, and for any stake level you may randomly be awarded the special bonus game, and when you do a bonus screen will launch and load and then you are tasked with playing a pick and match type of bonus game.

You will be presented with a grid like formation on the Incredible Hulk bonus game screen and you then have to pick one square at a time to reveal a jackpot symbol, as soon as you match a set of any one symbol you then are awarded with the corresponding jackpot payout, there are four different sized progressive jackpots on offer by the way!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

One thing you cannot help but notice when you are playing any Marvel Jackpot slot game from Playtech is that each of them boasts their own unique bonus features, and slots such as this Incredible Hulk slot game offers you the chance of triggering not one but two bonus game rounds.

The first is a set of free spins and to get to play out an initial set of 10 free spins which have x3 multipliers attached to all of them you need to spin into view anywhere on the Incredible Hulk slot game screen three or more of the Incredible Hulk logo symbols.

As these symbols are scatters you can trigger this bonus game feature irrespective of how many paylines you have set into play as they do not have to spin in on any activated payline to award you with the free spins!

You will also find something known as a Smash Bonus symbol on the first and last reels of this slot game, and when you get both of those symbols appearing in any position on both of those reels in the same spin then another bonus game is triggered, which is aptly named the Smash Bonus feature!

When this bonus game is awarded to you the aim of the game is to pick off a number of police cars and helicopters from those is view on the bonus game screen, the Incredible Hulk will, in a fit of rage, then pick up those cars and helicopters and smash them to the ground, each one he destroys will award you with a cash prize which are all added together and awarded to you as one final payout at the end of the bonus game feature.

Benefits of playing the Incredible Hulk Slot

Playing any online progressive jackpot awarding slot is of course exciting and potentially very rewarding for slot players, however when you play some jackpot slots you often have to put into play large staked slot spins to have any chance of being able to win that games progressive jackpots.

This is not the case when you give the Playtech designed Incredible Hulk slot game some play time online, for irrespective of whether you are playing for one penny per spins or for high stake levels you will always get the chance of winning one of the onscreen progressive jackpots, and that is the main benefit of playing this Incredible Hulk slot!

Where to Play this Slot Online

GutsCasino – If you like the look and sound of this Incredible Hulk slot game then when you opt to play at the Guts Casino site you are going to find they have on offer all of the Marvel Jackpot slot games which each not only have randomly awarded progressive jackpots but a range of unique and exclusive bonus rounds. To help you find a perfect slot to play we have put together a guide which will show you their entire suite of progressive slots so do take a look!

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