Millionaires Club III

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  • Biggest win Ever $8,120,000
  • Avarage Win Ever $935,072
  • Smallest win $255,839

There are some progressive slot games available online that are part of a series of slots, the Millionaires Club series of slots is part of the Cryptologic suite of slot games and there is only one online casino using this software platform that can be accessed and played online and this is our top rated Inter Casino site.

The Millionaires Club III slot is 20 payline slot game and with adjustable stake levels then playing it for a stake amount that you are comfortable with is not going to be too difficult, make sure you keep on reading to find out what this slot game has to offer you, as it may become one of your personal favourites!


How to Win the Jackpot

You will have a chance of winning the progressive jackpot on offer on this Millionaires Club III slot game no matter how much you wager per spin, however you first need to have three of the Logo symbols spinning into view anywhere on its base game screen to get to play the unique and very exciting bonus game which could award you with that jackpot payout!

Once the bonus game is triggered then you have to play what could turn out to be a multi stage game, the first bonus screen will have 100 gems located upon it, you can pick one gem at a time and will reveal a set of coins, a jackpot token or even a strike out symbol.

The aim of the game is to keep on picking and winning cash amounts or jackpot tokens until you have three of the jackpot tokens, if you reveal three of the strike out symbols the bonus game will end with any cash amounts you have won being awarded to you as your bonus round winning payout.

If you collect three of the jackpot tokens you then move onto the next stage of the game which is where you can win the progressive jackpot, this second stage of the bonus game will see you spinning a set of wheels in the hope you spin in an arrow symbols to move onto the next wheel, if you make it to the centre position of the interlinked wheels the progressive jackpot can be won.

If you do not uncover an arrow you can still pick up a range of cash prizes when you are spinning the bonus wheel, however as soon as you start to spin in more and more of the arrow symbols the excitement of this slot will become apparent!

Bonus Games and Bonus Features

There is no other bonus game feature which can be awarded to you when playing this Millionaires III slot game online, however with the huge amount of cash that can be won on the above progressive jackpot bonus game then we think you will still find this slot a highly entertaining one to play!

We do have to say that out of all of the available Millionaires Club slot games that are on offer this particular variant is by far and away the most exciting one to play, however you may find the other two in the series have their own merits and as such further down this page we have listed the online casino where you are going to be able to access all three or the Millionaires Club slot games so do give that casino site a try and good luck if you do play any of them!

Benefits of playing the Millionaires Club III Slot

Once you first set eyes on the progressive jackpot meter that is in view at the top of the Millionaires Club III slot games screen you will realise just how much money is up for grabs, this slot games does award some of the very largest jackpots and that has to be one of the reasons why you should give it at the very least a little play time one day soon.

The way the actual progressive jackpot is awarded, via the bonus game described above can also make this slot exciting to play, however be aware that every time that bonus game is triggered you are not going to win the jackpot, which can be a tad annoying when you get a series of near misses when playing it off!

Where to Play this Slot Online

Inter Casino – To give every one of our website visitors as much information as to what progressive slots are available at each of our showcased casino sites, we have compiled some very informative reviews, and as such if you wish to find out just which progressive slot games in addition to this Millionaires Club III slot are on offer at Inter Casino then please do take a look at our Inter Casino Jackpots section of the website where all will be revealed.

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