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One game that may need a little explaining to players who have never come across it before is the game of Keno. Whilst this game is found in land based casinos it is not a game that many online players tend to play very often, however there are some huge winning payouts and jackpots than can be awarded to players who do decide to give it some play time, and as those jackpots can often be won for low stake levels the Keno games may be worth learning more about!


The way Keno works is very straight forward, it is a game on which there are 80 balls in play, each of these balls have the numbers one to eighty printed up on them, and they are loaded into a Keno Drum which will bounce the balls around then will fire out a total of twenty of them.

A player has to try and predict which numbers are going to be drawn out of the Keno machine, there are in fact many different ways to do this and as such a player can pick out from just one single number that they will be hoping is drawn out or up to fifteen different numbers.

There are a range of different cash prizes that will be awarded to players playing the game of Keno but it is dependent on just how many numbers that have chosen to predict and how many of them that does get drawn out of the Keno machine that will see them picking up a range of cash prizes.

Below we have compiled a listing of some of the jackpot and other payouts that can be won by players who are playing any of the listed Keno game bets, for reference these games are available to play at some of our fully reviewed and top rated online casino sites, so find a site you can trust to play these Keno games is not going to be too difficult!

Keno Game Winning Payouts and Betting Options

keno-bonus-progressiveThe best Keno game that you can play online is the one offered at Microgaming powered casino sites, the reason why this particular game is well worth getting stuck into playing is that you can play it for many different stake levels, and as such even when you are low rolling with a small bankroll you can always have a chance of winning some large cash amounts

15 Number Game – If you play Microgaming’s Keno game and choose to pick off 15 numbers then as soon as you get three or more matching numbers you will start to be awarded with winning payouts. However if you manage to get all fifteen numbers drawn out of the Keno machine matching your chosen numbers then you will be awarded with a Keno Jackpot worth 10,000 times the amount you wagered on that game!

14 Number Game – By opting to predict 14 numbers which you will hoping match those drawn out of the Keno machine then if all goes to plan and you get all of your 14 chosen numbers matching any of the twenty numbers drawn out of the Keno machine you will win a Keno Jackpot worth 7500 times your staked amount on that winning game!

13 Number Game – By selecting just 13 numbers when playing Microgaming’s Keno game should you then see all of your chosen numbers matching, in any order, those drawn out of the Keno machine then you will be in line for a winning payout worth some 6000 times the amount of money you wagered on that one game.

12 Number Game – The jackpots you can win when playing Microgaming’s Keno machine will decrease in value when you reduce the actual number of numbers you predict, and in the case of you opting to select twelve numbers and those twelve numbers all match any of the twenty drawn out of the keno machine the jackpot you will instantly win is 4000 times the amount of money you wagered on that one game.

11 Number Game – If you choose to play 11 numbers of any single Keno game you put into motion then if you are lucky enough to get all eleven numbers matching any of the twenty balls that get drawn out of the Keno machine the jackpot payout you will be rewarded with is 3000 times your wager amount.

10 Number Game – Finally let us not take a look at what you stand to win if you opt to pick just ten numbers when playing Microgaming’s Keno machine. Obviously it does go without saying the fewer numbers you do select when playing Keno the more chance you will have of matching your numbers with those drawn out of the Keno machine.

However as such the jackpot you stand to win will decreases in value also the fewer numbers you select, and when selecting ten numbers if you match them all with the numbers drawn out of the Keno machine you will win a payout which is worth 1800 times your wagered amount.

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